On 30th June 2014, Werner Preusker left the AGPU after working as its Managing Director for years. The environmental lawyer took on the position of AGPU Managing Director, in which he worked to promote and support PVC l, in 1989. He had a significant impact on the activities carried out by AGPU and worked together with the group’s network, which now contains more than 60 member companies, to contribute towards making PVC more sustainable. In doing so, he considerably improved the reputation of PVC products and the entire PVC industry in the fields of business and politics and among the general public. Werner Preusker already officially handed over the position of AGPU Managing Director to his successor, Thomas Hülsmann, at the beginning of the year.

The recent AGPU General Meeting and subsequent colloquium were used as a stage for the symbolic passing of the baton from Werner Preusker to Thomas Hülsmann. „You can now look back on 25 years of full commitment to PVC at the very forefront of the PVC world. We would like to take this opportunity to wish Mr Preusker all the best in this new stage of his life“, declared Dr Axel Bruder, the Chairman of the Board of AGPU and Member of the Board of the company RENOLIT SE.

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