The current issue of the „Deutsche Apotheker Zeitung“ contains a detailed specialist article on phthalates and their toxic effect on human health. The authors fully avoid the overstatements and emotions so frequently used in other publications and limit themselves to scientifically data from studies and statements from authorities such as the ECHA and EFSA.

The specialist article concludes that only a small amount of epidemiological data on the possible effect of phthalates on human reproduction functions are available but, however, are inconsistent. According to the magazine, this means that the existing risk assessment is based on the results of animal testing and now needs to be evaluated with regard to humans. The article goes on to state that in view of the low toxic potency of the phthalates in the adult organism, no risks to consumers can be identified under the current exposure conditions. It explains that the threshold values that currently apply are clearly sufficient for eliminating risks to unborn children in the case of exposure to phthalates during pregnancy.

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