According to statements made by Prof. Michiel Haas, PVC pipe systems that contain a suitable proportion of PVC material probably have the lowest environmental impacts with regard to life-cycle assessments in the construction sector. The expert is the founder of the Dutch testing institution NIBE, which specialises in the environmental impacts of construction materials and has assessed more than 500 construction products over the past seven years. „When it comes to the sustainability of construction products, there are many reasons as to why PVC pipe systems are an excellent choice“, declares Haas, before going on to explain that all of the pipe systems examined by the institution to date have been awarded the top mark of one on a scale of one to seven.

PVC drainpipes containing recycled material therefore achieve a higher score than concrete pipes in a diameter range of 300 to 400mm. PVC pipe systems are also better than those made of aluminium, zinc or copper in the case of rain gutters and downpipes. On the whole, the explanations provided by Prof. Haas prove the importance of such life-cycle assessments (LCA) and recycling activities when it comes to the assessment of buildings and building projects. This area will continue to become even more important in the future.

You can find all other comments made by Prof. Haas in a joint press statement released by TEPPFA and PVC4PIPES, which can be downloaded from the AGPU website.