The government coalition has stopped tax relief on the energetic modernisation of buildings planned for the start of the year. In a joint declaration, the Bundesarbeitsgemeinschaft Immobilienwirtschaft Deutschland (BID) and the Dachverband Deutscher Immobilienverwalter (DDIV) have criticised this step saying that it is actively contra-productive to the „success of the energy turnaround“. It was added that stopping the planned government coalition measures could prevent urgently required investments in the building stock being carried out. An increase of the KfW grants planned as an alternative was not sufficient. In addition they claimed that without a support tax component, the energetic modernisation programme would fail.

AGPU also criticises the decision of the German government. AGPU Managing Director Thomas Hülsmann feels that little will come from the ongoing examination to raise KfW funds instead. Here he points out that the grants made available by KfW have not been fully accessed to date. That is why AGPU can only request the coalition to resume discussions on introducing tax depreciations for energetic building measures and to get the urgently required campaign programme going to avoid a delay in renovation projects.