VYNOVA is a new member of AGPU. The PVC manufacturer, which has production facilities in locations such as the German town of Wilhelmshaven, was founded last July. The former INEOS site in Northern Germany and the plants in Tessenderlo (Belgium), Beek (the Netherlands), Mazingarbe (France) and Runcorn (Great Britain) were spun off from the joint venture between INEOS and Solvay in accordance with requirements from the EU competition regulators. VYONOVA is one of the three largest PVC manufacturers in Europe.

The Kunststoff-Zentrum in Würzburg (SKZ) and AGPU agreed upon mutual membership two weeks ago. Thus, the Bonn PVC experts can welcome the second new member in 2016. An advantage of this cooperation: Employees of AGPU member companies receive a discount on the future participation in SKZ conferences and events.

We are delighted that VYONOVA and SKZ has decided to become an AGPU member and benefit from our services in the key areas of PVC knowledge, networking and open dialogue. Welcome to AGPU!

After being invited to talk at the General Meeting of the German Association for Manufacturers of Flexible Flooring (FEB), the AGPU Managing Director Thomas Hülsmann attended the event in Berlin early October and used the opportunity to present the work of the PVC experts from Bonn and promote active involvement in the working group. The FEB currently represents around 15 member companies and 20 supporting members. Most flooring manufacturers use PVC as their preferred material for their flooring products.

AGPU was also represented at the PVC Plastisols Conference at the SKZ in Würzburg. At the event, Thomas Hülsmann gave a talk in which he presented the importance and meaning of emotional stories and facts concerning PVC to participants and discussed the question of what is advancing the industry in the current environmental debate.

AGPU members have free access to the presentations and many thousand other documents in the PVC-Wiki knowledge database.