The next joint „PVC and the Environment“ workshop hosted by AGPU and PlasticsEurope will take place in Bonn (Germany) on 12th January 2016. At the end of November, both the registration documents and the programme for the expert forum were sent out by e-mail. The response is huge and we have now already received more than 60 registrations from participants.

The winter workshop will feature a multitude of speakers focusing on current topics. The architect Katja Bernert (Mehler Texnologies), for example, will present the advantages of PVC-coated membranes in textile architecture. Ulrich Schlotter (BKV) will report on the discussion concerning the new German Law on Recyclable Materials (Wertstoffgesetz). Dr Berthold Schäfer (German Building Materials Association (BBS)) will explore the impact of the German Resource Efficiency Programme (ProgRess II) in the construction sector. Other speakers include Jan Mervart (DEZA), who will talk about DEHP and REACH; Dr Ivo Mersiowsky (Quiridium), who will explore the topic of eco-efficiency on the basis of PlasticsEurope eco-profiles, and Tilman Benzing (VCI), who will discuss the bioeconomy strategy of the German Federal Government.

The agenda for the next joint „PVC and the Environment“ workshop hosted by AGPU and PlasticsEurope Deutschland in Frankfurt/Main (Germany) on 9th June 2015 is now complete. This year, we have attracted a number of top-quality speakers to the event to talk about highly topical issues. Alongside the update on the current situation of PVC, which is now almost a traditional aspect of the workshop, they will also discuss REACH from a variety of different perspectives. The event will additionally feature a presentation on the sustainability initiative of the German chemicals industry. Another talk will explore the future of innovative PVC pipe systems as well as a number of presentations on resource efficiency in the building industry and strategic standardisation.

If you are interested to attend the workshop, please contact AGPU office for further details.

The next joint „PVC and the Environment“ workshop hosted by AGPU and PlasticsEurope Germany will take place in Frankfurt am Main on 9th June 2015. The invitation was sent out by e-mail this week.

This year’s summer workshop will focus on the topics of building applications, resource efficiency and REACh. Well-known speakers have signed up to attend the event, including two English language presentations: Guido De Wit will speak about “Transparency and REACh for More Substainable Value Chains”. Stephan Tan from PVC4Pipes will present news about “PVC Pipelines For A New Age”.

Participants can also make the most of the networking opportunities available at the dinner held on the evening before the workshop. Please contact Ms Iris Pohl at the AGPU office for the complete agenda and further details.

Last week, the joint „PVC and Environment“ workshop hosted by AGPU and PlasticsEurope Deutschland took place in Bonn, Germany. After being traditionally kicked off by a dinner attended by around 40 guests on the evening before the event, the workshop yet again offered its total of 80 participants a large amount of input on current topics in the PVC industry and outstanding networking opportunities.

All of the presentations made by speakers at the event can be downloaded in the AGPU member area of the PVC WIKI. The feedback sheets reveal that participants gave the workshop an overall score of 1.6 (on a scale of 1 to 6). They also helped to decide on the date of the next winter workshop, with the majority of participants and the members of the AGPU Knowledge Working Group favouring January 2016. The upcoming summer workshop in June is expected to take place in Frankfurt am Main, Germany.

The agenda for the next joint „PVC and the Environment“ workshop, which will be hosted by AGPU and PlasticsEurope Germany in Bonn on 13th January 2015, has been finalised a few weeks ago and its range of different topics seems to have had a positive impact in the industry. The AGPU office has now already received more than 70 registrations for the event, not only from AGPU and PlasticsEurope members, but also from a multitude of external companies.

Alongside the current situation of PVC, the workshop will also focus on topics such as the analysis of material flows of plastics and PVC in Germany. The German Specialist Association for Manufacturers of Flexible Flooring (FEB) will also present itself at the workshop, where other speakers will focus on the topic of plasticisers in indoor air and in biomonitoring. The event programme will be rounded off by presentations on the difference between hazard and risk, the current status of waste legislation and environmental product declarations for PVC windows.

If you are interested to join as well, we will be happy to send you an invitation to the workshop. We look forward to hearing from you soon, please contact