At the end of May, a television crew from the science programme Galileo on the television channel ProSieben visited the Vinyl flooring manufacturer debolon in Dessau, Germany. The visit resulted in the production of a report lasting nearly twelve minutes, which was broadcast last week. One of the highlights of the report was the presentation of the individual manufacturing steps, from raw materials through to finished flooring ready for delivery. The report also contained correspondingly positive statements made by the debolon Managing Director, Andreas Kopf, and an architect who enthused about the benefits of modern vinyl flooring. On the whole, this was a successful television broadcast that not only advertised debolon, but also the entire industry.

According to estimations made by the German Specialist Association for Manufacturers of Flexible Flooring (Fachverband der Hersteller elastischer Bodenbeläge – FEB), overall sales of flexible flooring in Germany increased by a total of 5.1 percent last year in comparison to 2013. PVC design flooring recorded particularly strong growth, followed by cushion vinyl (CV) flooring. Both product categories overcompensated for the declines in sales of homogeneous and heterogeneous PVC flooring and for the declines in sales of other flexible non-PVC flooring such as linoleum and rubber flooring.

Two weeks ago, the German television channel WDR broadcast a report on PVC flooring as part of its consumer advice programme „Servicezeit“ (‚Service Time‘). The four minutereport was entitled „New Flooring Made of PVC – Robust and Low-Maintenance“. Alongside the AGPU member company Project Floors and its Marketing Manager Marco Knop, the programme also featured statements made by Dr Ernst Schröder, the Managing Director of the „TFI-Institut für Bodensysteme“ at RWTH Aachen University, and an unnamed floor-layer.

From AGPU’s point of view, the report can be seen as positive because it clearly specifies the benefits of modern floor coverings made of PVC. The expert statements also contribute towards the favourable light in which PVC flooring is portrayed.

The TV report can be viewed in the WDR „Mediathek“ library at