In December, the German environmental magazine „UMWELT MAGAZIN“ from the publishing house VDI-Springer-Verlag featured a technical paper on the topic of energy and resource efficiency written by AGPU Managing Director, Thomas Hülsmann, and AGPU editor Michael Friedrichs. As a result of the excellent response to the paper, AGPU decided to publish a special edition, which is now also available in print form. People interested in reading this German language paper can feel free to request a copy from the AGPU office. The special edition is also available in electronic form as a PDF file.

The topic of energy and resource efficiency is also particularly important in the world of politics, as is shown by the fact that the cabinet decision on the German National Action Plan for Energy Efficiency (NAPE) from December 2014 now only needs to pass the Bundesrat. A decision on this matter is expected to be met in February. The tax deductibility and the increase in KfW funding will then take retroactive effect from 1st January 2015 onwards.