Ever since October 2012, all important AGPU publications, for example „STARKE SEITEN“, „BLITZ-INFO“ and „All You Need to Know About PVC”, have also been available in digital form via the PVC Partner app for smartphones and tablets. This concept is becoming increasingly popular and, according to figures recorded on 11th July 2014, a total of nearly 900 readers are currently using the PVC Partner app, which not only contains the publications listed above, but also the latest AGPU progress report and „MODERN AGE“, the English-language version of „STARKE SEITEN“ (produced in cooperation with the Vinyl Institute in the US).

Do you have a smartphone or tablet and also want to make the most of this service? The PVC Partner app is compatible with the two most common operating systems Apple iOS and Google Android and is available in the systems‘ respective app stores. If you like the app, we would be delighted to receive your positive review. By providing this feedback, you can help us to make the app interesting for an even wider audience.

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