According to a report published in the German newspaper „Reutlinger General-Anzeiger“ on 5th September 2015, VAUDE wants to avoid using PVC as part of its efforts to become „Europe’s most sustainable outdoor brand“ by 2017. The company states that PVC is currently above all used in the production of tarpaulin for bags and tents. The report claims that the production of waterproof environmentally friendly alternatives is twice as expensive as that of the established products containing PVC.

VAUDE’s announcement that it wants to avoid using certain materials in its products in the future is nothing new. This is, however, the first time that the company has specified a concrete date. Whether the PVC-free alternatives will also boast the same outstanding material properties that are highly valued by customers remains to be seen. The Swiss fashionable bag manufacturer FREITAG is incidentally continuing to rely on using recycled lorry tarpaulin made of PVC in line with their existing sustainability strategy. We, of course, are well aware that using PVC and following a sustainability strategy are not incompatible. The bag manufacturer Ortlieb is also aware of this fact and recently informed the German magazine „Ökotest“ that it plans to continue using PVC.