Page 48 of the current January/February issue of the Eurowings in-flight magazine features the „PVC IS STRONG“ advertisement design for the Soft PVC Communication Campaign by AGPU Media. The advertisement was already published in this magazine on several occasions on special terms last year. According to media data, the in-flight magazine reaches a readership of around three million passengers with a high share of nearly 42 percent business travellers and is therefore read by decision-makers in the campaign’s current target audience. The Eurowings magazine, which boasts a high-quality design, can be found at every seat on board all aircraft in the airline’s entire route network.

The advertisement design, which was commissioned by the steering committee of sponsors of the campaign, shows a young woman working out with two dumbbells with a light green PVC coating. Are you part of the PVC value chain and do you want to ensure that soft PVC products continue to be the number one choice among decision-makers both now and in the future? If so, support us now by becoming a sponsor of the current Soft PVC Campaign! Would you like to find out more about the campaign? If so, please contact the AGPU Managing Director Thomas Hülsmann, who looks forward to hearing from you.