False statements concerning PVC in the field of demolition and disposal are still a persistent problem, particularly in publications released by public authorities. In its „Abfallfibel“ waste guide, for example, the Main-Spessart district of Germany warns its residents against using all PVC products across the board. According to the district authorities, both the production and disposal of PVC cause significant damage to the environment and also involve the addition of problematic additives such as plasticisers, lead and cadmium. The „Brandenburg Guidelines for the Demolition of Buildings“ (Brandenburger Leitfaden für den Rückbau von Gebäuden) published by the Ministry of Rural Development, Environment and Agriculture of the German Federal State of Brandenburg, on the other hand, list all plasticisers across the board in the category of „Harmful Substances“ that can be found in PVC.

AGPU will continue to take action in these cases in order to correct such false statements.

The successful „PVC Recyclers Meet PVC Processors“ series from AGPU and VinylPlus is being continued this year. Along with three regional events planned for the second half of the year, AGPU and VinylPlus were also in attendance at the „PVC Recycling Campaign“ exhibition stand at the 2015 Demolition specialist conference, which took place in Berlin last week.

The event involving 700 participants and 80 exhibitors has developed into Europe’s largest specialist conference on demolition and dismantling matters. Those attending are demolition companies, firms of consulting engineers, public authority representatives and construction companies. The subjects covered range from demolition, technical engineering, workers safety through to pollutant decontamination and recycling.