„The Energy-Efficient Renovation of Buildings – Recognising Potential and Using Opportunities“ was the title of a joint event hosted by AGPU and VinylPlus three weeks ago  in the German city of Bottrop. The speakers at the event included the Project Manager Jan Schaare, who provided a detailed insight into the energy transition based on the example of the InnovationCity Ruhr / Model City Bottrop project at the start of the workshop, and Susann Bollmann from the „German Industry Initiative for Energy Efficiency“ (DENEFF), who presented a multitude of practical examples of energy-efficient building renovations whilst focusing on financing alternatives available alongside the use of KfW funding.

Another presentation that attracted a great deal of interest among the around 20 participants at the event was given by Volker Könnel (profine) and focused on the question of how modern PVC windows can contribute towards an optimal indoor climate. The active discussion among the participants from the fields of municipal property management, construction and architecture clearly demonstrated the importance of up-to-date information on developments taking place in the PVC industry, especially given that many people are still basing their opinions on superficial knowledge of the industry as it was 15 years ago.

AGPU is currently working on the production of detailed documentation for this series of events. One of these documents is a two-page-long technical paper that will be published in the environmental magazine „UMWELT MAGAZIN“ (from the publishing house Springer-VDI-Verlag) at the beginning of December.

This week, the Minister of Innovation, Science and Research of the German Federal State of North Rhine-Westphalia, Svenja Schulze, and the Minister of Economics, Energy, Industry and Commerce of North Rhine-Westphalia, Garrelt Duin, awarded the InnovationCity Ruhr in the German city of Bottrop the title of Place of Progress. According to the ministers, the example of the model city shows how climate-calculated urban redevelopment measures that also aim to secure industrial locations can succeed. They also state that the InnovationCity Ruhr is a Place of Progress because it has achieved an outstanding amount of success in using its project to consider economic, ecological, social and cultural aspects and to provide potential solutions to societal challenges.

The AGPU Managing Director Thomas Hülsmann also attended the event. The next workshop to be held by AGPU and VinylPlus on the topic of the „Energy-Efficient Renovation of Buildings“ will take place in Bottrop on 28th October and aims to inform architects and key decision-makers in the field of construction at administration departments and housing companies about the benefits of PVC products. The future houses in the InnovationCity Ruhr, for example, have been fitted with PVC windows that meet the passive house stsndard and other PVC products such as cable channels and insulating foils that meet the passive house standard. In addition, the project‘s Marketing Manager, Jan Schaare, was one of the speakers at the AGPU Colloquium held at the beginning of July.