AGPU Media uses its Soft PVC Communication Campaign to help its customers to confidently present themselves as reliable partners for flexible PVC products. This year, a total of eleven companies are involved in the various marketing measures being carried out as part of the campaign, which started in 2011 with four companies. As was the case in 2014, this year’s campaign continues to focus on events held with architects and decision-makers in the field of municipal construction, at which sponsors of the campaign are able to come together with important decision-makers. These measures and events are accompanied by advertisements published in relevant specialist media. One project being implemented as part of the campaign is focusing on the use of soft PVC products in the field of health care and has now welcomed another six flooring manufacturers.

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In the December edition of the business magazine brand eins, which was published two weeks ago, readers are greeted by the new advertisement motif for the Soft PVC Communication Campaign run by AGPU Media. The winter sports motif, which features the corresponding slogan of „PVC is fun“ and was commissioned by the steering committee of sponsors of the campaign, shows young people doing winter sports in the snow on a sledge made of soft PVC and is now being used for the first time. The next use of the motif will be in the architecture magazine MADEby at the beginning of February next year.

If you want to know more about this Soft-PVC communication campaign, about the achievements 2014, the programme for 2015 and how you can participate, please contact Thomas Hülsmann at AGPU Media GmbH.

Two weeks ago, the „Visiting Friends: Architects Meet Processors“ series of events came to an end after welcoming an overall total of more than 120 participants. After the two successful evening events in Berlin and Münster, the last dialogue event and exchange of experiences on the use of PVC in the field of construction for the time being was held at the office premises of Prof. Berktold (yes architecture) in the German city of Munich. Alongside the AGPU Managing Director, Thomas Hülsmann, the architect Günter Katherl from the Austrian city of Vienna also provided participants, including a number of representatives from the city of Munich, with an insight into the topic. Katherl used his presentation to impressively demonstrate how well-known PVC products can be used in modern architecture and the benefits that they can provide.

At the end of last year and beginning of this year, two workshops for architects were held in Romania as part of the Soft PVC Communication Campaign run by AGPU Media. The diversity of the different properties of soft PVC was reflected in the extremely exciting creative approach to the material taken by the architects at the workshops. The results of the two events, some of which are truly astonishing, were presented in the offices of the workshop participants at a total of three evening events.

The Soft PVC Communication Campaign managed by AGPU Media GmbH is currently being continued with the publication of another advertisement in the business magazine brand eins, which will be joined by a second advertisement in the architecture magazine MADEby at the beginning of August.  Alongside the publication of the advertisement, the issue of MADEby magazine also contains the second and final part of a report covering several pages on the creative workshops attended by a number of well-known German architects in the Romanian village of Cund at the end of last year and in the Romanian city of Bucharest at the beginning of this year.

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