AGPU’s PVC recycling finder has received a new search feature. The site content was redesigned in 2015 and enjoys high popularity. This is demonstrated not only by the steady rise in traffic of more than 5,000 page views per quarter, but also by the numerous recycling inquiries, which are regulary answered by the experts in the AGPU office in Bonn.

The search for recycling companies accepting materials and products from recycled PVC has been further improved because the new search function meets the required specifications. As of now, all requests will be answered in detail immediately through a user-friendly interface. Currently, more than 60 PVC recyclers are listed in the recycling finder of AGPU.

The revised version of the AGPU brochure „Everything about PVC – from Manufacturing to Recycling” is now available. Alongside the updated content, the brochure also provides readers with fresh data on all relevant focus areas. While the previous printed version of the brochure was available in separate German and English copies, this new version combines both languages over a total of 32 pages. Our colleagues from Austria and Switzerland were also involved in the production of the new issue and will use it in their respective countries.

AGPU member companies can require printed copies of the brochure at the AGPU office for free. Non-members can order printed copies as well, but for a fee. Please contact Ms Iris Pohl ( for further details.Alongside the printed issue, two digital versions of the brochure (German and English) are also available and can be downloaded from the PVC WIKI.

This year, AGPU will work on a number of different projects in cooperation with VinylPlus. One of these projects is the development of a guideline on the implementation of the requirements of waste, and substance legislation for the recycling of plastic waste that contains substances included in the REACH Authorisation List (Annex XIV). The focus of this project is the creation of a guidance document for practical use that contains input from the relevant authorities and German Federal Ministries, as well as industrial associations and recycling companies.

The leading body in this joint project is the BKV (Beteiligungs- und Kunststoffverwertungsgesellschaft mbH) with support from PlasticsEurope, AGPU, VinylPlus and other stakeholders. AGPU coordinates the PVC topics involved in the project via its extended Recycling Working Group.

After being invited to talk at the General Meeting of the German Association for Manufacturers of Flexible Flooring (FEB), the AGPU Managing Director Thomas Hülsmann attended the event in Berlin early October and used the opportunity to present the work of the PVC experts from Bonn and promote active involvement in the working group. The FEB currently represents around 15 member companies and 20 supporting members. Most flooring manufacturers use PVC as their preferred material for their flooring products.

AGPU was also represented at the PVC Plastisols Conference at the SKZ in Würzburg. At the event, Thomas Hülsmann gave a talk in which he presented the importance and meaning of emotional stories and facts concerning PVC to participants and discussed the question of what is advancing the industry in the current environmental debate.

AGPU members have free access to the presentations and many thousand other documents in the PVC-Wiki knowledge database.

AGPU’s PVC Recycling Finder is still an extremely popular tool. This is not only proven by its increasing numbers of visitors, with a current total of over 5000 page visits pro quarter, but also the multitude of individual enquiries answered by the experts at the AGPU office in Bonn month after month.

After the last major revision of the website three years ago, AGPU has now again updated its information platform on buyers and suppliers of PVC waste, recycled material and recycled PVC products. Alongside a new user-friendlier design, the website’s database has also been further optimised. Now, users can not only find addresses, contact details, terms and conditions of acceptance and material specifications, but also information such as details on available certificates, which are becoming increasingly important in the competitive environment and are often stipulated as a prerequisite for business relations with converters. 61 recyclers are currently listed in the AGPU PVC Recycling Finder.

The Recycling Finder is additionally attracting a great deal of interest also from VinylPlus, which plans to set up its own system to make recycling more visible. Synergies can be used by all other partners and members of VinylPlus and AGPU who support the sustainable development of PVC.

In late September the second regional meeting of the „PVC Recyclers Meet PVC Processors“ series of events held by AGPU and VinylPlus took place in Stuttgart (Germany), hosted by Chamber of Commerce and Industry (IHK). The participants made the most of the opportunity to briefly present their products, services and requirements to possible business partners in person, to discuss details and to reach first agreements for possible cooperation. The meeting was yet again a success for all those involved.

The third and final event this year will take place at VEKA Umwelttechnik in Behringen (Germany) on 12th November. Several participants have already signed up to attend the meeting and AGPU is happy to accept further registrations. Please contact Ms Julia Gogos at the AGPU office for details.

The new summer issues of the German magazine STARKE SEITEN and BLITZ-INFO will be sent out this week. STARKE SEITEN, which currently boasts a circulation of around 27,000 copies, is sent to recipients from the PVC industry and decision-makers involved in the use of PVC in Germany and Switzerland. This group of decision-makers includes architects, senior employees in the construction departments of towns, cities, housing construction companies and management companies, insurance companies and universities. „Blitz-Info“ is currently sent to around 6000 environmental decision-makers in public authorities and companies.

Alongside the print editions, both publications are also available in digital form, both as a practical downloadable PDF format and as an e-paper in the PVC Partner app for smartphones and tablets.

On 30 June 2015, the first regional meeting of the successful AGPU and VinylPlus series of events „PVC recyclers meet PVC processors“ will take place in Troisdorf. The concept: On the spot, the participants will present a short statement of their offer and their requirements. The focus is on personal discussions and networking to do with PVC recycling. The other events are scheduled in Stuttgart (September 22) and Behringen (November 12).

Currently, there are 25 registrations for the event in Troisdorf. Details can be obtained from Ms. Julia Gogos in the AGPU-office. She will gladly note your registration. If you know colleagues and/ or business partners who may be interested in this event, please pass on the invitation and contact details.

This year’s AGPU Annual Meeting with around 30 participants took place during the last week at the Heimerzheim Castle near Bonn. On the agenda, among other things, was the re-election of the entire Board for the next three years. This is made up as follows: Dr. Rüdiger Baunemann (Director General, PlasticsEurope Deutschland e.V.), Dr. Axel Bruder (Executive Board Member, RENOLIT SE), Joachim Eckstein (Managing Director, PolyComply Hoechst GmbH), Rainer Grasmück (Head of SBU PVC Additives Asia and Amercias, Baerlocher GmbH), Dr. Zdenek Hruska (Advocacy Manager, SolVin S.A.), Roland Jahn (Advocacy Manager, GEALAN Fenster-Systeme GmbH), Dr. Oliver Mieden (Head of Environment Affairs & Corporate Communications, Vinnolit GmbH & Co. KG), Dr. Dieter Polte (Head of Production/Technology Polymers, VESTOLIT GmbH) and Joachim Tremmel (Head of Association Affairs, Industrial Petrochemicals Europe, BASF SE.

The AGPU has published a press release which may be used for complementary communication by member companies.

Zum 30. Juni 2014 ist der langjährige Geschäftsführer Werner Preusker bei der Arbeitsgemeinschaft PVC und Umwelt e.V. ausgeschieden. Seit 1989 hat sich der Umweltjurist als AGPU-Geschäftsführer für den zukunftsfähigen Werkstoff PVC engagiert. Er hat die Arbeit der AGPU entscheidend geprägt und gemeinsam mit dem Netzwerk von heute mehr als 60 Mitgliedsunternehmen dazu beigetragen, PVC nachhaltiger zu machen. Dadurch hat er die Reputation der PVC-Produkte sowie der gesamten Branche in Wirtschaft, Politik und Öffentlichkeit deutlich verbessert. Der offizielle Wechsel in der AGPU-Geschäftsführung an seinen Nachfolger Thomas Hülsmann erfolgte bereits zu Beginn dieses Jahres.

Im Rahmen der AGPU-Mitgliederversammlung und anschließendem Kolloquium erfolgte nun die symbolische Staffelübergabe von Werner Preusker an Thomas Hülsmann. „Hinter Ihnen liegen 25 Jahre volles Engagement in der vordersten Reihe für den Werkstoff PVC. Wir wünschen Herrn Preusker für den neuen Lebensabschnitt alles erdenklich Gute“, so Dr. Axel Bruder, Vorstandsvorsitzender der AGPU und Mitglied des Vorstandes der RENOLIT SE.