Recovering valuable raw materials in the city may initially sound rather bizarre but is actually considered to be a modern approach to the efficient extraction of resources that is better known as “urban mining” in the demolition industry. A recent project carried out as part of the „Aktion PVC-Recycling“ campaign in Marl (Germany) is evidence that the selective deconstruction of three multi-storey buildings has already been common and successful practice for quite some time.

Alongside large amounts of concrete and metals, the project enabled also 500 disused plastic windows and around 20 tons of PVC flooring to be recovered from the group of buildings dating back to the 1960s. Thanks to Rewindo’s plastics recycling partner Tönsmeier Kunststoffe, these old PVC windows were used to produce ground material that is used as a source material for high-quality granulate, that is nearly 100-percent homogeneous and serves as a raw material for the production of new window and building profiles.

The PVC flooring was also professionally processed using mechanical recycling at the facility run by the German Association for the Recycling of PVC Floor Coverings (AgPR) in Troisdorf. The fine PVC ground material obtained in these processes is used in applications such as the production of new vinyl flooring.