Over the past weeks, „Plasticisers make sperm tired“ and other similar headlines have been used in a multitude of media reports responding to a press release published by the „Caesar“ research centre in the German city of Bonn. A German and Danish research group recently used a newly developed process to examine the effects of 100 hormonally active chemicals and in doing so, discovered that around 30 of these chemicals limit the function of human sperm and may therefore be responsible for fertility problems. Although one of these chemicals was a certain plasticiser, many headlines suggest that all of the chemicals were plasticisers.

According to the study, the plasticiser DnBP is one of the „disruptive substances“ identified. Nevertheless, neither the press release from Caesar nor the various media reports published on the study mention that the plasticiser DnBP has already been placed on the list of SVHC candidates produced by the ECHA and that, as specified in a statement released by the European Commission on 17th February 2014, is today barely used in Europe.

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