Two weeks ago, the autumn issues of the publications STARKE SEITEN and BLITZ-INFO have been sent to decision-makers on the use of PVC in Germany and Switzerland. This group of decision-makers includes architects and senior employees in the construction departments of local authorities, housing construction companies and management companies. AGPU sends part of the STARKE SEITEN (which has a total circulation of 26,500 copies) together with BLITZ-INFO, which is also published three times a year, summarises up-to-date information on the sustainable development of PVC and is sent to over 6000 decision-makers in the fields of politics, administration, industry, trade and commerce together with a personal letter.

Decision-makers from the PVC industry and AGPU members also receive STARKE SEITEN. AGPU members use the publication as part of their internal corporate communications.
Over the past few weeks, we have also informed relevant contacts about the opportunity to advertise in STARKE SEITEN, for example by sending out our media data for 2016, which contains information on publication dates and focus topics.

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Since October 2012, all important AGPU publications, for example STARKE SEITEN, BLITZ-INFO and brochures such as „Everything About PVC” have also been available in digital form as an app for smartphones and tablets. Since being launched, the app has become increasingly popular. According to the latest evaluation of use of the app, nearly 10,000 readers are currently making the most of the services provided by the PVC Partner App. A glance at the iTunes Charts in the Apple App Store reveals that the AGPU app is currently in Top 50 in the global ranking in the category of „Reference apps“. Given the huge number of other apps to be found in this category, this position is an excellent achievement.

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As part of the current Soft PVC Communication Campaign of AGPU Media, the first specialist conference on the topic of „Healthcare Buildings“ was held in Hamburg on 10th November 2015. Around 20 participants from the healthcare sector used the event to find out about the advantages of a modern healthcare architecture, for example hygienic flooring, and then went on to discuss the use of such benefits and possible solutions with top speakers. A second conference will take place in Munich this week. It is fully booked with a total of 35 participants.

The current issue of the „Deutsche Apotheker Zeitung“ contains a detailed specialist article on phthalates and their toxic effect on human health. The authors fully avoid the overstatements and emotions so frequently used in other publications and limit themselves to scientifically data from studies and statements from authorities such as the ECHA and EFSA.

The specialist article concludes that only a small amount of epidemiological data on the possible effect of phthalates on human reproduction functions are available but, however, are inconsistent. According to the magazine, this means that the existing risk assessment is based on the results of animal testing and now needs to be evaluated with regard to humans. The article goes on to state that in view of the low toxic potency of the phthalates in the adult organism, no risks to consumers can be identified under the current exposure conditions. It explains that the threshold values that currently apply are clearly sufficient for eliminating risks to unborn children in the case of exposure to phthalates during pregnancy.

Mid November, the third and final regional meeting in the „PVC Recyclers Meet PVC Processors“ series of events held by AGPU and VinylPlus took place in Behringen (Germany). Aaround 70 participants attended at the events this year. Like previous events in Troisdorf and Stuttgart, the event in Behringen yet again attracted a great deal of interest from the industry. Around 25 participants made the most of the opportunity to present their products, services and requirements in person at the meeting. One of the participants at the event, which was held on the factory premises of the reycling company VEKA Umwelttechnik, was Bernhard Helbing, the President of the German Association of Windows and Facades („Verband Fenster + Fassade“ – VFF), who expressly mentioned the success in PVC recycling.

The next step will be a documentation summarising the results of all three meetings. After the successful launch of the series of PVC recycling events in 2012/2013 and their equally successful continuation this year, the concept is now being reviewed and adjusted.