AGPU Media is offering very useful arguments pro PVC. Documents are available in the library section of PVC-Partner website. Due to the positive response, we have updated our English language brochures „Imagine how hard life would be without soft-PVC“ and „The most common misunderstandings about soft-PVC“. Each publication is a high-quality document that proves our expertise as a powerful advocate for PVC products. Digital versions of all documents are available for download now.

Please feel free to order the brochures at

AGPU and PlasticsEurope Germany cooperate since 25 years to support PVC producers as well as the companies along the PVC value chain. One of the most successful elements are the Workshops PVC and Environment, which give once or twice a year an overview about topics around PVC and the solutions by the industry. The next workshop will take place in Bonn. It covers presentations about the PVC market in Germany and Europe, roofing and waterproofing membranes, rigid film, product environmental footprints, indoor air quality and more.

The presentations are in German. There is no participation fee for members of AGPU and PlasticsEurope. The fee for other participants is 300 Euro. There is a special get-together the night before.
Please register and book your hotel in advance. For further information please contact Iris Pohl.