By 2020, the PVC industry will achieve an annual recycling volume of 800,000 tons via the European sustainability program VinylPlus. With about 100,000 tons of regranulate from profile sections and used PVC windows, doors and shutters, Rewindo with its recycling partners in Germany has made an important contribution in 2014. „We made particularly substantial increases in post-consumer window recycling and, with more than 24,800 tons of PVC regranulate, recorded double-digit growth compared to 2013,“ said the AGPU recycling expert and Rewindo Managing Director Michael Vetter. Calculations using the Dekra online CO2 calculator revealed that each ton of recycled PVC in comparison to the use of primary PVC avoids about 1.87 tons of CO2. Building physics has demonstrated that the material is absolutely equivalent to virgin material quality, according to the expert. Rewindo expects the annual recycling volumes will continue to rise in the coming years. The requirements of the EU Buildings Directive and national regulations such as the Energy Saving Ordinance 2014 lead to a large expansion of energy renovations of residential property portfolios. The replacement of old windows is usually part of the thermal insulation concept.

The new summer issues of the German magazine STARKE SEITEN and BLITZ-INFO will be sent out this week. STARKE SEITEN, which currently boasts a circulation of around 27,000 copies, is sent to recipients from the PVC industry and decision-makers involved in the use of PVC in Germany and Switzerland. This group of decision-makers includes architects, senior employees in the construction departments of towns, cities, housing construction companies and management companies, insurance companies and universities. „Blitz-Info“ is currently sent to around 6000 environmental decision-makers in public authorities and companies.

Alongside the print editions, both publications are also available in digital form, both as a practical downloadable PDF format and as an e-paper in the PVC Partner app for smartphones and tablets.

According to a report published in the local „Lippische Landes-Zeitung“ newspaper on 11th May 2015, the main committee of the German town of Detmold has decided to allow the use of PVC windows in public buildings again and in doing so, has repealed the resolution made to avoid PVC in 1995. The new decision was supported by votes from the German Christian Democratic Union (CDU), German Social Democratic Party (SPD) and Alliance ’90/The Greens. The report states that it was based on the high cost- and energy-saving potential of PVC windows. The CDU representative additionally argues that nowadays, PVC windows are often made of recycled and therefore environmentally friendly material. The town council has also already approved the annulment of the previous resolution.

On 30 June 2015, the first regional meeting of the successful AGPU and VinylPlus series of events „PVC recyclers meet PVC processors“ will take place in Troisdorf. The concept: On the spot, the participants will present a short statement of their offer and their requirements. The focus is on personal discussions and networking to do with PVC recycling. The other events are scheduled in Stuttgart (September 22) and Behringen (November 12).

Currently, there are 25 registrations for the event in Troisdorf. Details can be obtained from Ms. Julia Gogos in the AGPU-office. She will gladly note your registration. If you know colleagues and/ or business partners who may be interested in this event, please pass on the invitation and contact details.

This year’s AGPU Annual Meeting with around 30 participants took place during the last week at the Heimerzheim Castle near Bonn. On the agenda, among other things, was the re-election of the entire Board for the next three years. This is made up as follows: Dr. Rüdiger Baunemann (Director General, PlasticsEurope Deutschland e.V.), Dr. Axel Bruder (Executive Board Member, RENOLIT SE), Joachim Eckstein (Managing Director, PolyComply Hoechst GmbH), Rainer Grasmück (Head of SBU PVC Additives Asia and Amercias, Baerlocher GmbH), Dr. Zdenek Hruska (Advocacy Manager, SolVin S.A.), Roland Jahn (Advocacy Manager, GEALAN Fenster-Systeme GmbH), Dr. Oliver Mieden (Head of Environment Affairs & Corporate Communications, Vinnolit GmbH & Co. KG), Dr. Dieter Polte (Head of Production/Technology Polymers, VESTOLIT GmbH) and Joachim Tremmel (Head of Association Affairs, Industrial Petrochemicals Europe, BASF SE.

The AGPU has published a press release which may be used for complementary communication by member companies.