After the successful first regional meeting in the „PVC Recyclers Meet PVC Processors“ series of events in Troisdorf (Germany) at the end of June, the next event in the series held by AGPU and VinylPlus will take place after the summer break, namely on 22nd September, at the Chamber of Commerce and Industry (IHK) in Stuttgart. The first participants have already signed up for the event. Register now and make the most of the opportunity to present your products, services or requirements in the „speed dating“ session or individual discussions and to expand your network.

For more information, please contact the AGPU office. You can also contact the office to sign up to attend the event. If you know any colleagues and/or business partners who may also be interested to join, please feel free to pass on our invitation and contact details. The third and final regional meeting this year will take place at VEKA UT in Hörselberg-Hainich on 12th November.

False statements concerning PVC in the field of demolition and disposal are still a persistent problem, particularly in publications released by public authorities. In its „Abfallfibel“ waste guide, for example, the Main-Spessart district of Germany warns its residents against using all PVC products across the board. According to the district authorities, both the production and disposal of PVC cause significant damage to the environment and also involve the addition of problematic additives such as plasticisers, lead and cadmium. The „Brandenburg Guidelines for the Demolition of Buildings“ (Brandenburger Leitfaden für den Rückbau von Gebäuden) published by the Ministry of Rural Development, Environment and Agriculture of the German Federal State of Brandenburg, on the other hand, list all plasticisers across the board in the category of „Harmful Substances“ that can be found in PVC.

AGPU will continue to take action in these cases in order to correct such false statements.

The automotive industry is a very important area for PVC applications that promotes and supports the image of PVC. When used in automotive engineering, the material is particularly impressive thanks to its wide range of different applications and processing options, its made-to-measure product attributes and its excellent price-performance ratio. Nowadays, an average European car contains around 16 kilograms of PVC compound material, which can above all be found in car interiors, underbody protection, joint seals, door panels and cables. Against this background, the automotive magazine „Automobilwoche“ recently featured a report declaring that recycling is becoming increasingly important in the field of automotive engineering and using statements made by the car manufacturers BMW, Daimler and Opel to confirm this fact.

According to the article, around 25 percent of the thermoplastics used in the BMW i3 are made of different recycled materials. The manufacturer of the Opel Adam claims that 170 components in the vehicle use recycled plastics, while Daimler states that its current Mercedes S-Class contains a total weight of 49.7 kilograms of recycled products, 134 percent more than in the previous generation. The companies do not, however, reveal precisely which recycled materials are re-used in their vehicles or what quantities of these materials they use.

With its motif of a man wearing diving goggles and flippers and standing among swimming rings in a summer setting, the attractive cover image of the current issue of the architecture magazine „AIT – Architektur Innenarchitektur Technischer Ausbau“ could well be the anticipated launch of the series of advertisements for the Soft-PVC Communication Campaign run by AGPU Media in the magazine. Nevertheless, the image, which the publisher was kind enough to send us for publication, is actually the work of the American art photographer Gray Malin from his „Poolside, Mediterranean“ series. In our opinion, the motif does perfectly suit our working group, which is why we have chosen to present it to you both as a summer greeting and to get you in the mood for our autumn activities.

Over the next few months, AGPU Media will launch three advertisements, the first will be published in AIT in September. According to media data, the magazine, which boasts a very high-quality design, has a guaranteed minimum circulation of 22,000 copies and is above all aimed at architects, interior designers, fitters, furnishers and planning offices.

Are you also part of the PVC value chain and do you want to ensure that soft PVC products continue to be the number one choice among decision-makers both now and in the future? If so, support us now by becoming a sponsor of the current Soft PVC Campaign! If you would like to find out more about the campaign please contact the AGPU Managing Director Thomas Hülsmann, who looks forward to hearing from you.