Einträge von Michael Friedrichs

The New Version of the AGPU Brochure „Everything about PVC “ is Now Available

The revised version of the AGPU brochure „Everything about PVC – from Manufacturing to Recycling” is now available. Alongside the updated content, the brochure also provides readers with fresh data on all relevant focus areas. While the previous printed version of the brochure was available in separate German and English copies, this new version combines […]

The 10th Consultic Plastics Study Inquires Into More than 2000 Companies

The plastics industry in Germany is an important sector and the key industry in fields such as lightweight construction, packaging and building. Plastics products and applications are far too valuable to simply be thrown away, even at the end of their lifespan. Regular information on how the flow of plastic material is developing precisely can […]

Get the The Autumn Issues of STARKE SEITEN and BLITZ-INFO

Two weeks ago, the autumn issues of the publications STARKE SEITEN and BLITZ-INFO have been sent to decision-makers on the use of PVC in Germany and Switzerland. This group of decision-makers includes architects and senior employees in the construction departments of local authorities, housing construction companies and management companies. AGPU sends part of the STARKE […]

Nearly 10,000 Readers downloaded the PVC Partner App

Since October 2012, all important AGPU publications, for example STARKE SEITEN, BLITZ-INFO and brochures such as „Everything About PVC” have also been available in digital form as an app for smartphones and tablets. Since being launched, the app has become increasingly popular. According to the latest evaluation of use of the app, nearly 10,000 readers […]

The First AGPU Specialist Conference on Healthcare Facilities Was a Success

As part of the current Soft PVC Communication Campaign of AGPU Media, the first specialist conference on the topic of „Healthcare Buildings“ was held in Hamburg on 10th November 2015. Around 20 participants from the healthcare sector used the event to find out about the advantages of a modern healthcare architecture, for example hygienic flooring, […]

The „Apotheker Zeitung“ Publishes a comprehensive Report on Phthalates

The current issue of the „Deutsche Apotheker Zeitung“ contains a detailed specialist article on phthalates and their toxic effect on human health. The authors fully avoid the overstatements and emotions so frequently used in other publications and limit themselves to scientifically data from studies and statements from authorities such as the ECHA and EFSA. The […]